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Drive-In Movie


Wow, what a turnout! I am so proud of the fifty-two kids(and their parents) who came! With a shortage of boxes and supplies, and a crowded room, they were so polite and patient! What I perceived as a problem, they turned into an opportunity to make new friends. The highlight of my day was to watch two dear, and very precocious, young patrons put their heads together to make a creative spy car with just a bit of a feminine touch!

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If you missed it, I encourage you to try this project at home. It was a great family activity. We provided a few basics for decoration; paper plates for tires/steering wheels, duck tape strips for racing stripes and paper/stickers for license plate and details. The creativity and variety were amazing! We got boxes from our friendly Jefferson Kroger. Thank you, Kroger, for all those boxes! If you call the day before, their morning crew will hold a few for you. The Viva paper towel boxes seem to be the “Cadillac” of boxes, but any paper towel or toilet tissue box works great. You can spray paint the box with cheap spray paint, or cover it with scrap wall paper.

Next time you check out a movie from the Library, make it a special family night to remember!




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