Safari at the Library


Magician and naturalist, Chad Crews, delighted a packed crowd with his Dig Into Reading Safari. Kids got to see and learn about all kinds of critters including snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. There was even a meet and greet afterward for a closer look.  With plenty of magic tricks mixed in, the crowd numbering over 300, was transfixed. To all that attended: Thank you for your patience and consideration “scootching” in so every child could see.

Next up on the calendar: A Week of Puppets!

Lillie and Roxie’s Puppetry Workshop – Monday, June 3rd at 10:30AM

Four in a Row Puppet Show – Tuesday, June 4th at 3PM

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“Dig Into Reading” Nooks

Come in and try out our new reading nooks. Curl up in the Rabbit Reading Hole or the Fiction Frog Flop with a good book while you are visiting the library.

2013-05-28 00.01.07

2013-05-30 22.50.25

2013-05-28 00.10.13

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Flat Miller Goes to Chicago

Flat Miller accompanied wonderful library supporter and patron, Mamata Shetty, recently on her trip to Pittsburg and Chicago. They visited Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright home built on top of a waterfall! Here are some websites Mrs. Shetty shared with us: FallingwaterPittsburgChicago and Lake Geneva. We can’t wait to see where Flat Miller and Mamata go next!


DSCN0244 (1)





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LEGO Character Building

We had a great time and great turnout at the LEGO Club Character Build. Kids picked out a favorite book character to build in LEGO…

2013-04-23 05.14.49

Awesome Big Nate and Pete the Cat!

2013-04-23 05.15.13

2013-04-23 05.31.35

2013-04-23 05.16.17

2013-04-23 05.32.08

A whole slew of characters, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Pigeon, Pig and Elephant

2013-04-23 05.06.04

2013-04-23 05.13.45

Even parents can get in on the fun!

2013-04-23 05.01.12

And big sisters!

2013-04-23 04.50.04

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Teen Volunteers

April 22nd-28th is Volunteer Appreciation Week. The Commerce Library has been especially blessed with incredible volunteers of all ages. This post is dedicated to our teen volunteers.

A special favorite of SRP kids for over three years running is the Puppetry Workshop, led and organized by Lillie and Roxie. These wonderful young ladies took classes from the center for Puppetry Arts and have conducted numerous workshops at their church and other organizations, as well. The kids adore Miss Roxie and Miss Lillie. Last year there were over 40 kids in attendance at the program! We are so excited they will be returning this year on Monday, June 3rd at 10:30AM. Our SRP wouldn’t be the same without Lillie and Roxie and we would also like to thank their numerous teen friends who have volunteered during this program, including Madison and Alexis.


Our new Game On! program has been a success, in great part, because of two wonderful volunteers. Gena and Jordan are friendly and patient teens that have helped the kids one-on-one with game instructions and fill in as extra players. They have a wonderful rapport with the kids and make for a very entertaining game of Apples to Apples!

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We also have young adult volunteers whom your kids may not have met but are none the less important to your child’s enjoyment of the Library. Cathleen, Allison, Candace and Marquesta have done an incredible job keeping the Children’s Area clean and organized, and books re-shelved. They also give us program and collection suggestions. Their help will be priceless through the busy summer months!

The Library has an incredible Teen Board that has led to a wonderful surge of popular programs for Young Adults. This group meets every other month to plan out events and programs for the coming year and the YA Summer Camp. They also volunteer at the events, some of which, including Project Para-cord, have numbered 25-40+ participants! Programs such as these would not be possible without their hard work. The popularity of these programs is a direct result of their enthusiasm in promoting them to other teens at school and in the community. Thank you, Alisha, Gena, Roxie, Lillie, Jordan, Cathleen and Caelon!

75178_10151095010826559_1309130086_n 394293_10151083007771559_1735129049_n

Each year we utilize the help of several Beta Club volunteers seeking service hours. Many of these wonderful students continue volunteering for us long after their service requirements are met.

The value of our young volunteers extends beyond the small and large tasks they perform. In honing their leadership skills, they are building the new Commerce Community!  Every time a teen volunteer interacts with a child an indelible impression is left. Youngsters learn that teens are important, compassionate, and responsible; countering many negative media stereotypes. As a parent and leader of children’s programs, I cannot thank our volunteers enough! We need role models like these!

So the next time you see a teen with a green badge in the library, please let them know how much they mean to you!

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Poem in Your Pocket Day

The glitter, glue and buttons were flying at Crafty Reader “Poem in Your Pocket”! Kids made some creative, colorful magnets and door hangers to store their poems in.

Kids – For a jellybean treat, bring us your favorite poem and read it to us on Thursday, April 18th for “Poem in Your Pocket” Day!

For more ideas to celebrate “Poem in Your Pocket” with your kids visit and, my favorite,

2013-04-16 05.25.42

2013-04-16 05.19.29 2013-04-16 05.57.52

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“Poem in Your Pocket” Crafty Reader

April is Poetry Month. In keeping with the spirit, this month’s Crafty Reader theme is “Poem in Your Pocket.” Kids PreK to 5th grade will make their own denim craft pockets, and choose fun children’s poems to fill them. Your child can decorate their pocket with colored sharpies and glue-on details, and add a magnet for a refrigerator decoration or a ribbon strap for a  purse/door hanger.

We’ll pull out our favorite Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Jane Yolen, Dr. Seuss, Jan Greenberg, Carl Sandberg and others. Your child can fill his/her pocket with fun, imaginative children’s poetry to share on Poem in Your Pocket Day(Thursday, April 18th).

For more information and ideas to enrich your child’s life and education with poetry, visit

Crafty Reader “Poem in Your Pocket” – Tuesday, April 16th at 4PM


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