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“Houston, this is Miller”, Flat Miller that is!

Flat Miller has been on another exciting trip with Mamata. This time to Houston’s Space and Rocket Center located next door to the Johnson Space Center where astronauts train.

With an adult’s help you can read about some of these astronauts’ amazing adventures in space in Astronaut Journals on the NASA website.

And a fun website just for kids is NASA Kids’ Club.


Flat Miller in a rocket tube. Ready for blast off?


Zero gravity, how cool!


Suit simulation in action.




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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce literacy skills and self-expression. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this holiday with your kids in a more personal way.

Reading Rockets has some wonderful ideas to inspire kids to write their own poetry, including some forms which you’ve probably never heard. “Sijo (pronounced see-zhoo), is an ancient Korean verse form similar to haiku but with a different structure — and a distinctive witty twist at the end”. Book reviews include plenty of titles to read to kids to spark their creativity. There are also instructions for a few fun, kid friendly valentines your kids can make.

Barbara Evans offers her instructions to a valentine version of “Scrattle”, a game that combines spelling with math skills. This game will work with two evenly matched players from second through 5th grade. This is a quick, downloadable printable.

ChildFun is a favorite site of mine for all kinds of resources, not just Valentines. It offers an exceptional selection of Valentine songs and finger plays for toddlers and preschoolers.

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