Ghost Stories

Children can sharpen their storytelling skills at “Campfire Stories” on Tuesday, October 15th at 4:30PM. Participants will gather around a pretend campfire and take turns picking objects out of a story grab bag to add to a silly, spooky story. There will be a drawing activity and special snack afterward.

If you’d like to try this at home, here is the inspiration from Six Sisters Stuff:

Simple S’mores Recipe with an Indoor Campout (fire included)


Ghost stories and campfire stories capture the imagination of kids and offer a unique opportunity to shy students and reluctant speakers to relax and enjoy adding to a story. There really is no wrong way to tell a silly, scary story!

Here are some great websites to get your kids started…

The Ghostly Shed features suspenseful creative short animations with writing prompts.

Halloween Writing Prompts and Story Starters for All Ages by Nannette Richford offers lesson plans and a great list of web resources and children’s books.


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